Upwaltham Barns wedding – Rebecca and Jason

I am really enjoying the fact that I am shooting  a lot more local weddings these days and I was just ten minutes from home for the Upwaltham Barns wedding of Rebecca and Jason two weeks ago.

They were married at St Andrews Church in Tarring where the vicar was brilliant and even got a round of applause from the congregation for his advice for the reception!  The weather in the morning was pleasantly warm however as the couple got in the car to make their way to Upwaltham Barns, the heavens opened and for 30 minutes there was the most torrential rain.  Incredibly as they drove up to the Barns, the sun came out and the rest of the day was dry.  Hopefully a good sign!

Upwaltham Barns is a lovely venue and Nibbles to Nosh kept the guests well fed with canapés during the reception and then the most delicious meal, which I was lucky enough to enjoy in the bar.  Throughout the reception, singer Dean Algar did a brilliant job of entertaining everyone.  Throughout the meal, guests were getting up to dance and sing, which made an unforgettable atmosphere.  Singing was a bit of a theme throughout the meal and speeches as Jason’s Godfather sang a song for Rebecca and then Jason recreated the famous scene from Top Gun by singing “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”, which got everyone up on their feet!

In the evening I went up to the gorgeous cottage, which has the most divine French bed and I couldn’t resist getting some photos of Rebecca on her own before the first dance back in the barn.  It really was a lovely day and I am looking forward to more weddings at that Barn later this year.

This is just a small selection of images from their day.

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