Upwaltham Barns wedding photography – Claire and Adam

If the sun had its’ hat on for the last wedding, it also had its’ shades and flip flops on for Claire and Adam’s Upwaltham Barns wedding.  It was a scorcher!  Nestled amongst beautiful countryside, Upwaltham Barns are gorgeous at any time of year, but with the gardens in full bloom, drenched in sunshine, they were the most idyllic location for an English Country wedding.  Claire had made the gardens look even prettier with jam jars of flowers dotted around.

When I first met Adam and Claire in the Chocolate cafe in Petworth, we got on really well and I had been looking forward to their wedding and it didn’t disappoint!  I began the day with the girls in Jasmine Cottage where Gemma Souter was working her magic.  Not long after, the boys arrived and we took some photos in the shady garden.  Keeping cool was a big part of this day, bright sunshine is not a photographers best friend but fortunately at the barns there are lots of places to find shade for photos.  Claire can not be accused of being unprepared for any weather with wedding shoes, wellies and flip flops!

The couple were married in the East Barn before leaving through a line of confetti (tip from this wedding: If you are having confetti, have lots!) Guests then enjoyed drinks and canapés served by the ever brilliant Nibbles to Nosh.  Again we made use of the shade in the garden for the family group photos before going for a walk with Claire and Adam over to the tiny church opposite for some couple shots.

Dinner and speeches took place in the South Barn and fortunately the doors allowed for a cool breeze!  The tables looked really pretty with all the little touches and simple candelabras as centrepieces.  Following the meal, we took another walk in the fields around the barns.  The sheep seemed totally unphased by this and I love the warmth of the shots as the sun began to drop in the sky.  As it was such a gorgeous evening, the couple cut their naked wedding cake (great job Rebecca Frizelle!) in the garden before heading in to the barn for their first dance as husband and wife.

It was possibly the hottest wedding I have photographed but also one of the prettiest and most fun!  Claire and Adam went to Italy for their honeymoon and I was able to share their gallery with them when they got home.

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