The Upwaltham Barns wedding of Sammy and Mark

It was another scorching day for Sammy and Mark’s wedding at the beginning of the month.  They were married at Graffham Church and then went on to their reception at Upwaltham Barns.

The girls were getting ready at the Upper Deck Apartments in Midhurst, these are beautiful one bedroom apartments overlooking the Cowdray ruins.  With an incredible ten bridesmaids both apartments were buzzing all morning!  At the church I met Mark and his two best men and ushers for a few photos as they awaited the arrival of the bride.

Following the lovely traditional ceremony and confetti line we all made our way to Upwaltham Barns which was looking absolutely beautiful.  Despite the lack of rain the gardens were blooming as ever!  We were fortunate to have some shade in the gardens for the group shots while the guests were entertained in the courtyard by a fantastic duo of guitar and vocals.

The barn was decorated with rustic crates and country flowers for the wedding breakfast, which again Nibble to Nosh created a delicious feast for everyone.  Following the meal came some of the funniest, most raucous speeches I have heard in some time, complete with compulsory Jaegerbombs.  Sammy and Mark have the most wonderful, crazy families and friends!

By the time the meal had finished the sun had dropped a little and so Sammy, Mark and I headed up the hill for some photographs in the fields overlooking the barns.  No matter how often I see the view I never get tired of it.  The warm tones of the corn and the golden light were just beautiful and I think these photographs are particularly special.

The evening events began with the cake cutting and then the couple went straight into their first dance to The Power of Love by Gabriella Applin, which ended up with them surrounded by their guests who all joined in – they are a very much loved couple!  Then the guests hit the dance floor – what can I say, totally bonkers!  This was such a fun wedding!  I had the best time and I wish Sammy and Mark every love and happiness in the future x

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