The Southend Barns wedding of Nils and Nina

This was my second wedding of the Easter weekend at Southend Barns and again there was rain although a little less than on Good Friday.  It really didn’t matter though because once again the barns were the perfect venue with plenty of places for everyone to shelter and beautiful surroundings when they were able to get outside.  Nils and Nina were about the most relaxed I have ever seen a bride and groom throughout the whole day, a little rain wasn’t going to spoil their day!  There was a large contingent of German speakers at the wedding so the couple had thoughtfully provided English to German phrase books with such gems as “This wedding blows.  Wanna get out of here?” which fortunately no one did!  I am looking forward to shooting more Southend Barn weddings this summer and I hope they are all as good as this!