The New Place wedding of Lauren and Andy

I am heading back to December last year for the New Place wedding of Lauren and Andy.  They were married between Christmas and New Year on the most perfect clear, frosty day.  Quite a contrast to the rain and wind of the day before and after!  It was my first New Place wedding and I have to say it is the perfect venue with everything in one place.  The gardens are beautiful even in the winter with frost on the grass.


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I joined the girls as they got ready with lots of laughter in the room.  Lauren was the most laid back bride ever even if I wasn’t entirely sure when I walked in the room if the unicorn horn she was wearing was part of her wedding outfit.  I was very relieved to find out that it was from the hen night!  Lauren and her father arrived in style in a carriage pulled by the two most enormous grey horses, which stayed to give carriage rides to the guests after the ceremony.  The light in the ceremony room at New Place was stunning as the couple exchanged their vows in front of family and friends.

Afterwards we went outside for the group photos and guests enjoyed canapes and drinks served by the brilliant team at New Place.  I took Lauren and Andy away for a few minutes to get some shots in the frosty garden before we all headed into the warm.  I was witness to possibly the most competitive game of Jenga ever!  The speeches at this wedding were some of the funniest I have seen and the competitive streak extended to the quiz that had been set to see how well the guests really knew the couple.

In the evening guests danced to a live band and enjoyed the Magic Mirror photobooth which was just a brilliant addition to the evening.  I really enjoyed photographing this New Place wedding and if you are looking for a photographer for your own wedding at New Place, please do get in touch.