Sussex Event Photographer – No Man’s Land Fort

Last week I was at No Man’s Land Fort in the Solent for the launch event for the staff of Rocksteady Studios who were celebrating the completion of the new Batman game Batman Arkham Knight (release date 23rd June!)  The event was organised by the amazing team at Eventspiration and it was great to work with them on such a fun event!  The destination was kept a total surprise and the boat taking us even took dummy route appearing to be heading to the Isle of Wight until the very last minute!  Once on the Fort everyone was able to enjoy the full facilities including hot tubs, Lazer Battles Rib Rides, Kite flying and a treasure hunt as well as a scrummy BBQ on the Lighthouse deck.

The event was a well deserved reward for the staff who have spent the past four years developing the game and it was great to see them letting their hair down and really having a fantastic time.

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