The Southend Barns wedding of Chloe and Marlon

It’s hard to believe we are now in October! Chloe and Marlon were married on a cloudless day back in July.  This was the first wedding I photographed in the new outdoor ceremony  space at Southend Barns and I have to say that like the rest of the venue this is just the perfect location for exchanging vows.  More of that later!

I began the day with the girls as usual who were getting ready in a beautiful house north of Lavant.  There was heaps of laughter and chat as they had hair and makeup done and got ready to go.  Chloe looked absolutely radiant in a truly princess wedding gown and her father was proud as punch when he saw her for the first time.

A vintage Rolls-Royce transported Chloe to Southend Barns where Marlon and his Groomsmen were trying to remain cool!  The outdoor ceremony venue is bright and airy with the same pretty country garden feel that the barns carries throughout.  Simple pots of lavender lined the walk for Chloe’s arrival to meet Marlon.  Once the ‘I do’s’ had been exchanged and registers signed, everyone made their way to the collecting yard for drinks and photos accompanied by the sound of a steel drum.   The biggest challenge for me was finding shade to do the group shots but I will never complain about gorgeous weather and bright sunshine – that’s what I am there for.

The threshing barn was simply but beautifully decorated with glass jars of wild flowers and guests were treated to a feast of salmon, short rib of beef and chocolate and pistachio brownies by the brilliant Field and Fork team.  The speeches which followed the meal were both moving and hilarious and Marlon survived not one but two best man speeches to his credit.

In the evening guests enjoyed live music and the warm weather before watching a firework display by Selstar Fireworks which was the perfect finale to their wedding images.  It was a wonderful day to be part of and I am sure they will enjoy ‘Everlasting Love’!

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