The Southend Barns wedding of Megan and David

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Today I am going back to the beginning of September for the rather rainy wedding of Megan and David!  The weather is one of the few things it is just impossible to control on a wedding day but there was no way that Megan and David were going to let it dampen their celebrations.  Southend Barns is one of those venues that even if it does rain, everyone can stay dry and warm and we can still get beautiful images throughout the day.  It is said that rain on a wedding day is lucky as a wet knot is harder to undo and that being true, Megan and David are in for a very long and happy marriage!

The girls were getting ready in the Milking Parlour where Olivia, the couples adorable daughter was really excited abut being their flower girl.  The couple exchanged personal vows during the ceremony in the Dairy Barn before leaving through a shower of confetti.  As it was wet outside we took the group shots in the Dairy Barn after the ceremony.  I always bring lighting kit to every wedding so wet weather isn’t a problem.

Just before everyone sat down for dinner, the rain stopped and we were able to get some couple shots in the gardens as well as a photograph of the whole group outside, which is something that the couple really wanted.

The Threshing Barn was decorated with a lovely warm golden theme and the rain was the furthest things from everyones mind as they sat down to a delicious meal served by the team from Field and Fork.  After dinner guests were able to enjoy toasted marshmallows round the fire pit before hitting the dance floor in to the night.

I really love photographing Southend Barns weddings and if you are getting married there please do get in touch!