The Secret Barn wedding of Hannah and Miles

This summer has just flown past!  On the blog today I am going back to the start of August for the Secret Barn wedding of Hannah and Miles.  They were married at St Mary’s Church in Sompting and then everyone made their way back to this wonderful venue for the reception.  The weather on their wedding day was quite incredible – beautiful sunshine and blue skies all the time while everyone was outside and the most torrential rain when guests were in the church and eating!

I want to speak more about the Secret Barn.  This was my first time shooting at this venue which is situated on an actual farm in the gorgeous Sussex countryside.  Run by the really rather wonderful Petal and Feast, it is truly unique.  There is loads of outside space for guests to enjoy and Hannah and Miles guests enjoyed playing games which had been created by Hannah’s Dad for the occasion.  There is room for camping and caravanning on site – check out the couples wedding tent provided by Beautiful Bells it was absolutely stunning!

The interior of the barn is totally rustic and a blank canvas for the creative – Hannah and Miles had decorated it beautifully with their colour theme of yellow, white and turquoise.  The lovely thing about the Secret Barn is that there is time to actually enjoy setting it up and no pressure to have everything out on the night of the wedding.

Petal and Feast as the name suggests can provide you not only with the venue but also your flowers and food for your wedding day.  Hannah and Miles opted for a barbecue meal and it was totally delicious and served in style by the team who kept smiling despite the biblical downpour which arrived just as people began to eat!  A lovely idea from this wedding was that friends of Hannah and Miles made cakes for them which were enjoyed after the meal with coffee in the early evening sunshine.

I really enjoyed photographing this wedding – it was relaxed and fun and I wish Hannah and Miles every happiness for the future.  If you are planning a Secret Barn wedding and you would like to have a chat about your wedding photography please do get in touch.

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