London Proposal Photography – Lachlan and Jaime

I love London proposal photography.  I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again but seeing the moment when two people begin on the most exciting journey of their lives and capturing it for them is really special.  Proposal photoshoots in London hold their very own challenges – unlike a normal portrait session, I have absolutely no control over the proposal have to be ready to capture it as it happens without being noticed while overcoming issues with lighting and in London particularly, interested tourists!  Of course proposals generally happen without friends and family ever really getting to see what happened and so to be able to share images of the event as it happens allows them to share in the excitement afterwards.

On Sunday, I went to London having spoken to Lachlan by email.  Everything was perfect, we had a plan in place, the weather forecast was warm and dry.  Lachlan and Jaime were due to have lunch at the top of The Shard and then walk down to Potters Field overlooking Tower Bridge where the proposal was due to take place.  Unfortunately the weather forecast didn’t understand our plans and twenty minutes before Lachlan and Jaime were due to arrive at the location, it was pouring with rain and looking very dismal.  Some discreet texting and a live weather update meant that just twenty minutes later the rain had stopped and they entered the park.  Having never met Lachlan before we made eye contact for just a second as they passed me so I knew I had the right couple and then it was just a matter of following at a distance with a long lens and waiting.

As the couple sat down and opened a bottle of champagne the sun began to peek out and as Lachlan went down on one knee to ask the question, it was a beautiful, warm summer day.  I would never have thought it half an hour previously but it was perfect.  Jaime said yes immediately and could not stop smiling and admiring the gorgeous ring Lachlan had designed for her.  At this point I made myself known and shared a glass of champagne with them before we took some portraits next to Tower Bridge and at Shad Thames.

Lachlan and Jaime will be getting married in their home town of Brisbane and I am really looking forward to seeing them as husband and wife!


If you would like to discuss London proposal photography please do get in touch.