The Goodwood Kennels wedding of Emma and Toby

It was less than a month ago that Emma first contacted me to enquire about whether I could photograph her Goodwood Kennels wedding to Toby.  Fortunately being a Thursday afternoon I was available and I am so pleased I was!  This was a very special wedding, with just six guests (plus the two guests of honour, Tilly the Westie and Otis the mini Schnauzer!)  Emma and Toby wanted to make their vows in front of their closest family so the event was kept secret until Emma’s birthday on July 2nd.

The Kennels at Goodwood is a gorgeous setting for a wedding and Emma and Toby exchanged vows and rings in the library.  Their personal vows were both funny and touching and there were tears and smiles all round.

After the ceremony we moved out to the beautiful gardens for some informal family photographs and I couldn’t help capturing some funny shots of the boys and the groom rolling down the hill.  This proved to be somewhat simpler than photographing two boisterous dogs sitting quietly together!

I left the party as they headed into the Kennels for a celebratory dinner.  I had so much fun capturing this small wedding, it doesn’t matter how many guests you have at a wedding if they are all as lovely as these ones!

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