The Fitzleroi Barns wedding of Jess and Dean

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Well where on earth did 2018 go?  I can’t believe we are now into 2019 and I have my first wedding of the year next weekend.  Sorry the blog has been quiet but on a cold grey day I thought it was time I shared Jess and Dean’s Fitzleroi Barns wedding.  This was in the middle of the long heatwave (doesn’t that seem like a lifetime ago?)  This was such a fun wedding, they have so many good friends who kept me laughing all day long!  I am not sure what the collective term for bridesmaids or groomsmen is but with five of the first and seven of the latter I think perhaps I need to come up with one…..

The girls got ready in a suite at the Lythe Hill Hotel near Haslemere.  It is always lovely when a bride has so much support from her ‘squad’ and they can enjoy these special moments together.

The ceremony took place in the barn with Jess and Dean’s son almost stealing the show as he expertly delivered the rings.  After the ceremony, guests enjoyed drinks and canapes in the courtyard while we completed the group photos.  It’s great when you have such a large bridal party, all of whom are up for a bit of fun and they were more than happy to walk down to the fields behind the barn.  The rolling Sussex hills also make a great backdrop for the romantic couple photos.

After a wonderful dinner and hilarious speeches, guests were entertained by a brilliant caricaturist while another bus load of guests arrived for the evening celebrations provided by a live band.

If you are planning a Fitzleroi Barns wedding and would like to discuss your wedding photography please do tography/contact-2/”>contact me.