Christchurch Harbour Hotel wedding photography

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The Christchurch Harbour Hotel wedding of Sarah and Steve

My final wedding of 2015 took me to Dorset for the Christchurch Harbour Hotel wedding of Sarah and Steve.  Once again it was an incredibly mild day and for once the rain stayed away!

I began the day with Sarah and her Bridesmaids at home.  Sarah was so relaxed and the atmosphere was lovely as the hair and make up artists worked their magic on the girls.  I’ve rarely seen such a proud Father as Sarah’s when he saw her for the first time in her wedding dress.  It’s a time every Father thinks about and being able to capture ‘that look’ is wonderful!

The ceremony took place in the tiny All Saints Church in West Parley where the vicar was very welcoming.  The light in the church presented quite a challenge but the love between Sarah and Steve was clear to see.  The couple left the church through one of the longest confetti lines ever and Sarah managed to collect an awful lot down the front of her dress, much to Steve’s amusement!

We all headed off to the Christchurch Harbour Hotel for the wedding reception.  It was my first time at this venue and it is a really lovely venue.  There is a fabulous jetty overlooking the harbour and thanks to the weather we were able to take all the group shots outside.  I was also able to take some creative couple shots with some lighting trickery, which I am really happy with.

The room for the wedding breakfast had been beautifully decorated in a festive blue, white and silver theme and all the guests received a candy cane and a tree decoration to take as a memento of the day.

After dinner, there were three brilliant speeches although I have to say the Best Man’s speech was one of the funniest I have ever heard.  Steve certainly did not get off lightly.  In the evening Dr Balloonman came along to the reception.  I now know that balloon modelling is not just for children, some of his creations were just amazing!

It was a really lovely wedding to round off a great year and I am so looking forward to seeing what 2016 has to bring.

If you are planning a Christchurch Harbour Hotel wedding and would like to discuss wedding photography, please do get in touch.