Chelsea Registry Office Wedding Photography – Alice and Matt

Chelsea Registry Office is one of the Capital’s most famous wedding venues having played host to the weddings of couples including Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Star in the swinging sixties.  This was the location for Alice and Matt’s civil wedding ceremony on Saturday where they exchanged vows with their closest friends and family as well as their beautiful daughter.  Despite being the busiest registry office in London the Registrars are very friendly and welcoming and very happy for photography during the ceremony which is really refreshing!

After the ceremony there was time for a few photographs on the famous steps outside the registry office before we made the short walk to smart Chelsea Pub, The Phene where guests enjoyed pink champagne and delicious canapes.  A few photographs together outside and then I left the party before they headed off for a celebratory wedding meal.

Alice and Matt are having a big party in Dorset this weekend for all of their friends and family and I am certain it will be an amazing day!

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If you are looking for a photographer for your Chelsea Registry Office wedding please do get in touch.