Brides Magazine reader event at Goodwood House

As regular visitors to my blog know, I am a huge fan of Goodwood House and so I was very pleased when I was invited to photograph a showcase event being organised at the house in conjunction with Brides magazine for their readers last weekend.  The event brought together some fabulous suppliers and the guests in attendance enjoyed a fashion show and afternoon tea.

As always the ballroom at Goodwood House was warm and inviting and the buzz in the room made for a really fun afternoon.

I love photographing weddings at Goodwood House and if you would like to discuss your own wedding I would be very pleased to discuss your day with you.

The dresses in the show were organised by the Blackburn Bridal Couture and after a beautiful afternoon tea, the models showed off dresses from Claire Pettibone Couture, Anna Campbell, Flora as well as their own designs.

Shoes and accessories were provided by Emmy London

Flowers by The Real Flower Company and Stella Rose Flowers

Cake by Elizabeths Cake Emporium

Make up by Bobbi Brown

Hair by Gustav Fouche at Michael Van Clarke

Menus by Cutture, London


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