About Bev Downie

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So you are thinking about booking me to photograph your wedding – that is brilliant!  I can’t wait to meet you and to hear all about your plans for your wedding day.  Perhaps you might like to know who I am and what makes me tick? I began photographing weddings and portraits in 2004 and I have been doing so ever since.  I love it!  The results speak for themselves – I achieved an Honorary Fellowship of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and I have judged and spoken internationally as well as winning many awards for my wedding and portrait photography.

Every wedding is so different, I adore seeing the dress for the first time, I’ll sing the hymns, mix with your guests and have a laugh with them, I’ll shed a tear at the speeches, boogie with Grandad and at the same time capture your day through the eyes of a professional photographer who understands what it takes to produce amazing images.

I have lived just outside of Chichester in West Sussex for fifteen years and I count myself blessed to live in such a beautiful area.  I’m a country girl at heart and I love photographing weddings and portraits in the South of England.  I have photographed weddings in Italy and France as well as travelling extensively in the UK but as a tography”>Chichester wedding photographer I am now concentrating on photographing weddings closer to home.

What an I not?  I am not a shouty, bossy photographer who will take over your day or make you pose for hours on end.  I might not be the hippest photographer on the planet but I love to help people to relax and enjoy the experience while allowing them to fully enjoy their day.

Aside from photography, my great loves are Gillie my gorgeous black labrador; archery; great white sharks; wine and of course chocolate but most of all I love meeting people and sharing my passions with them.

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