London Proposal Photographer


If you are looking for an experienced London proposal photographer then look no further!  I have worked with LA Based Proposal planners, The Heart Bandits to capture the special moments for couples in London and I absolutely love it!  This is possibly the most exciting moment of your lives (although one of you probably doesn’t realise it yet!) and it goes so fast why not hire an experienced London proposal photographer to document the event for you.

I will come to London, wait at a pre-arranged point and time and then discreetly photograph the run up to and of course the big moment.  What better way to tell your family and friends the good news than to send them photographs of the question being popped?  After the ring has been exchanged and you have had a few moments to catch your breath, we can go and take some amazing photographs of you both together and trust me when I say you won’t have to worry about smiling for the camera!

If you are planning a proposal outside London then of course I can still help.  Perhaps you would like some suggestions for locations or advice on sourcing props, musicians or anything else.  The only limit is your imagination!

Proposal photography in London starts from £450 on a weekday and includes my time and all expenses and all the high resolution images.